Open Positions


  1. The President shall oversee and assist in the coordination of all activities of BU-EWB.
  2. Shall be in communication with all members of the executive board to assist in the planning of all events.
  3. The President shall also run all executive board and general body meetings.
  4. The President shall be responsible for putting together an agenda for each meeting.
  5. The President shall be an undergraduate student and shall pass a Treasurer Certification exam set forth by the SA.

Vice President

  1. The Vice President shall be responsible for filling in for the President when the President is unable to attend meetings.
  2. The Vice President shall assist the President in the process of contacting Engineers Without Borders-USA, securing an international project and the sequential work needed to complete the project.
  3. The Vice President shall also be responsible for assisting the president with the administration of the executive board.
  4. The Vice President shall be an undergraduate student.


  1. The Secretary shall be responsible for scheduling and taking minutes at all meetings and making them available to anyone who is interested.
  2. Shall be responsible for drafting and distributing organization announcements, maintaining an accurate external contact list, checking the SA mailbox in conjunction with the Treasurer, drafting any new documents and assisting the President in maintaining communication with the SA regarding concerns and issues.
  3. Shall also take attendance at events and keep a record of the hours contributed by members.

Public Relations

  1. Shall be responsible for marketing the organization and constantly improving the organization’s public image.
  2. Speaking on the behalf of the organization and third parties, advertising meetings, local projects and special events.
  3. Organizing and scheduling tabling events, advertisement of general interest meetings, designing and distributing flyers, and placing ads in any university media.
  4. Responsible for alumni relations.

Projects Coordinator

  1. Shall be responsible for managing the local community and campus service projects of BU-EWB.
  2. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: acquiring projects, conceptual and concrete designs, budgeting, construction, project and team management.
  3. Shall also be responsible for contacting physical facilities throughout the year, other campus organizations/clubs, and any off-campus organizations in order to fulfill the goals of BU-EWB.
  4. At least two local projects should be completed per semester.
  5. Shall direct and manage projects simultaneously with the Co-Projects Coodinator, who shall assist the Projects Coordinator.


  1. The Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping track of all dues paid by members and sending said dues into Engineers Without Borders-USA (if applicable).
  2. The treasurer shall coordinate all money coming in through fundraising.
  3. The Treasurer shall assist in checking the SA mailbox along with the Secretary, and bringing any pertinent news to the executive board’s attention.
  4. Shall serve as the liaison with the Student Association regarding the budget, Student Association policies, and coordinated efforts.
  5. Shall be an undergraduate student and shall pass a Treasurer Certification exam set forth by the SA.

Co-Projects Coordinator

  1. The Co-Projects Coordinator shall be responsible for assisting the Projects Coordinator with various BU-EWB service projects.
  2. Responsibilities shall include, but are not limited to: devolving oversight on various projects as the Projects Coordinator sees fit; assisting in leading communications with individual partners of BU-EWB projects; establishing baselines and guidelines for service projects.
  3. The Co-Projects Coordinator shall simultaneously manage the various BU-EWB projects along with the Projects Coordinator, and shall be responsible for overseeing select projects that the Projects Coordinator shall assign, in the stead of the same.

Fundraising Chairman

  1. Shall be responsible for all group activities involving fundraising.
  2. Shall meet with the executive board to discuss any issues or planning of events.

Policy Notes

A unanimous vote by the E-board can alter, exchange, remove or append any responsibilities of the E-board.


The election times are tentative. The due date for letters of intent that must be submitted to will be determined by the BU-EWB executive board.