Spring 2015 Updates

EWB is not just a club, but a collective of students who wish to use the skills acquired in the classrooms of Binghamton University in order to give back to the community. However, we do more than just give back to the local area, we also look abroad, looking for communities that could benefit from our knowledge and skills

In the Past

            In the end of February our e-board volunteered a LEGO creationary at the ITC in order to celebrate community day. Tons of children showed up. Tons of children tried to keep our LEGOs. A few managed to get away with it. However, everyone went home happy that day.

At the beginning of the 2015 spring semester, EWB has officially launched its new website, our webmaster Tom, had put a lot of work into the site, and if you’re are reading this you’re already in the right place. Just take a minute to check out the site.

On April 1st, we had a bake sale at the Tilman lobby to support the club. If you didn’t show, well you missed an opportunity to enjoy the baking of some of EWB’s finest board members.

On March 28th, we showed all the incoming how awesome not only EWB is, but how awesome it is to be a Binghamton engineer, during the Spring Open House.

In late March we took a look at how robotics can be used for humanitarian purposes, and looked at how corporations were developing their robots for these purpose. Afterwords, there was a discussion to see what scenarios our members and e-board could come up with that would allow for robotics to make a real difference.



We have a T-shirt design contest going in order to better represent the club. We want people to easily recognize our club at campus events, and what better when then by wearing some cool T-shirts.

We are also trying to design a new Binghamton University App, one which takes a lot of the information that the university already has scatter across its apps and website, and consolidates the information into one easy to use mobile app. Currently this project is still in the designing phase, but will soon give an opportunity for both our professional and wood-bee programmers to participate in creating an app.

We are working with Kopernik in order to design a bridge over a small pond. The pond will be a part of the new science park that the Kopernik observatory currently has in the works. They have given us free reign more or less in terms of design. As of now the club is considering designing a draw-bridge.

The new EWB participation point system has been implemented at last! It will allow us as an e-board keep tracking of members who are going the extra mile when it comes to the club. Members can use those points at the end of the year to redeem prizes.

Election Result:

Take a look at our future e-board.

President – Karen Singer – The Head

Vice President – Mariuxi Yagual – The Voice

Secretary – Daniel Huang – The one who gives us direction

Treasurer – Colleen Kelly – The one who makes sure we can spend our money

Project Coordinator – Timothy Kim – The organizer, so that we actually get stuff done

Club Relations – Makoto Kawabata – Currently me. The one who lets all of you reading this know what we’re up to

Upcoming Events and Events Still in the Works:

            In late April we will be helping out Hillel with their Yom Haatzmaut by brainstorming ideas in order to contribute, and vote on the ideas we come up with. You may be wondering; what is Yom Haatzmaut? Well, it’s the Israeli Independence Day, which marks the establishment of Israel in 1948. You might think that doesn’t sound as interesting as the movie starring Will Smith, but it is the day an oppressed people finally received a home to call their own after much struggle and hardship.

  • Tom Donohue